New season is starting in these days, soon info about my regular classes and my projects related, as you already know, to Dancehall.
We finished last Season with a Big and Huge double workshop with the Dancehall Queen Mad Michelle and Shelly Belly, one of the best Dancehall dancer ever. Who was there didn’t forget a second of those 5 hours spent in a Jamaican way.

Last Season 2013-2014 for Brussels, Dextyle organized a lot of important workshops to give you the opportunity to know, to understand and to study what this Cultural Dance is and how it’s evolving nowadays, starting from its basics.

Just to remember what we did:

– Sri Lanka (Rifical Team, Jamaica): first Jamaican dancer ever teaching a workshop in Belgium;

Blacka Di Danca (New York): first workshop ever in Belgium during his World Tour;

Sir Ledgen (New York): first class ever in Belgium;

– DHQ Mad Michelle (Jamaica): first Dancehall Queen teaching a workshop in Belgium;

– Shelly Belly (Jamaica): first workshop in Belgium in his first Tour ever. some other dancers from Italy, France, Poland.

Only with a list like this it’s possible to understand why you are all sending messages (almost everyday) to receive news/updates about this Season; no pause is allowed apparently, but if you receive this ENERGY and you are so HUNGRY to know more and to dance more, for sure I can think that it’s also my fault.



It’s Dancehall Time” will be the name of the project, it consists in a series of workshops (basically like we did last year) related to Dancehall and its actors in Europe and in the World.
Hoping you like it and you support it (FB Official Page – like & share), here you have the First Shot —> see you next September, 28th



It's Dancehall time Dafne Bianchi

The most talented female Italian dancer, professional dancer and teacher with a lot of experience in Dancehall and urban dance style. Moreover she’s a kind of little sister for me, part of my family and she can’t wait to be again in Belgium, let’s give her a very warm WELCOME BACK!

All info at the Facebook event or contact me privately here.
Inscriptions are open, limited places. Book your spot as soon as possible!