Here the official video of (ex)Snoop D-O-doubleG.. aka Snoop Lion.
He simply took two of the greatest Dancehall singers in last 2012.. and he made it.

Snoop rulez! we know that, even if I need more time to understand his new style; I think I’m not the only one trying to choose between Dogg and Lion. I’m too nostalgic and I need to keep my Dogg version in my mind:

I’m not completely agree with the theory of Bob Marley “reincarnation”,¬†especially when the reincarnation is not happened from Snoop born, but only after years and years in hip hop – gun-pimp-stuff included.
However we have to agree with him when he says that [quote]I’m tired with the hip hop[/quote].

Hip hop is not dead, hip hop looks tired or better.. fat! Business can makes you fat! In last years, this new generation produce a really too empty music, compared to the past and, moreover, compared to the richness of the Dancehall. Richness in topics, riddims, styles and¬†consequently money. Anyway money don’t talk to me and I don’t talk about money.

Personally I fell in love years ago in Reggae music, now one of his son is Dancehall.. I really hope all these Messiah can give some add value to this music and don’t ruin it with the famous “fatty fatty”-machine-Business.

Dex’ thought:

Protect your culture, share your culture, remember your culture and improve your culture.