Sometimes I really like to have fun with my reflex and this Reggae Festival was a nice way to do it.

Because Bombomatt is a Reggae Festival and it’s also the first one made in Lecco area, but Bombomatt was much more than this:
– Bombomatt was a “No Racism” football tournament, where football players, football lovers, Djs and their family played games with energy and respect of the rivals;
– Bombomatt was body-painting, circus activities, big soap bubbles and writing area;
– Bombomatt was a Skate/Bmx park;
– Bombomatt was Dancehall classes, steps, choreo and knowledge about Jamaican culture, where also people danced and friends sit all around to watch the dance classes;
– Bombomatt was Djing, Sound Clash, concerts (Lion D, Raphael) and Reggae Dancehall music for 2 days No Stop;

Bombomatt was more than 800 people on a two days event enjoying every single activity with no incidents, no problems, no arguing, no negativity. I want really thank you my friends, Fronte Crew, that made all this possible and Bar Terzo Tempo (Dolzago) for the partnership… Nuff Respect!
Obviously all my special thanks to the Dancehall dancers who joined classes, community is growing up and I’m so happy that we’re building such a positive and genuine group; my special Beatrice for her class and my French brother-in-law Axel always there, always crazy and full of energies.

I hope you enjoy this gallery, feel free to share, to comment and to spread this message: WE ARE THIS!