In June 2013 I met this guy, Blacka Di Danca, a young dancer with an enormous talent and a dream: travel the globe teaching dance workshops, sharing as Caribbean his Caribbean culture and the feelings that dance gives.  We start to work together and as his manager we organized World tour, hundreds of workshops in 20+ countries, Public speaking in USA (Harvard, MIT, Brooklyn Museum), video and collaboration with different names in Music and entertainment. He was the first Dancehall dancer signed by Redbull and our brand DANCA is growing with the definition we wanted since day one. 

We went through big problems, we reached big goals, but nothing is done yet.

Our StartUp project is still growing and now we decided to do the next step: “LITTLE DANCA Program For Kids” – all details in the link. 

LITTLE DANCA Program For Kids

If you’re a dancer, if you’re a passionate about dance, if you simply love this idea.. we will be really happy about your support.