Few weeks ago we were dancing Dancehall in Bergamo (Italy) for the second episode of “The Italian Dancehall Job”, idea and concept made by Beatrice Secchi (Americanaexotica) and myself. Those 6 hours were HOT & CRAZY!!
Thanks are never enough for all who came and joined the event, first of all our two special international guests: Blacka di Danca (USA)  and Melpo Mellz (Sweden).

If you’re asking “why” of this Event name, here a simple explanation: based on the movie “the Italian Job” (it was on streaming that night), we were talking about “How to share and spread” our passion for the Dancehall dance and the Jamaican culture, so Beatrice and me were thinking about a name under which collect all the elements: “Dancehall” “Spread” “Italy”. However we also realized that this passion is so beautiful but also so hard to follow (study, teach, flight for taking class, organize event, talk with people, give the right information, contact Dancehall actors for coming in Italy, etc).. so we said “You know, that’s a kind of job to realize our dream. And that’s it.. Our “Italian Job for Dancehall in Italy” or, reworded, our “Italian Dancehall Job”.

Talking about this part two, second episode, next stop or new chapter (..call it as you prefer) it was simply MAGIC !
Blacka felt in love with Italy when we invited him in Bergamo (his first time ever in Italy) in March 2013, so he was happy to be there again; Melpo, as Blacka did few months before, accepted our invitation and, for her first time too, she could share her knowledge and her huge experience in Italy (the contact with the artist was organized in collaboration with Mactitude – special thanks to Mad Mike and Alevanille).

Our project is more alive than ever, quoting Blacka in a recent interview for LargeUp, and in these days we are already working on other important events for the Dancehall scene in Italy, because Dancehall is our passion that we RESPECT, LOVE and SHARE.

Moreover collaboration are always welcome, there are many other Dancehall lovers out there, there are also a lot of people interested to know more about it… so don’t hesitate to contact us for any project.

Most of all… STAY TUNED!!!