If you’re a Dancehall lover, maybe also a Dancehall dancer, it’s quite impossible that you’ve never heard about DANCEHALL INTERNATIONAL VOL.3 event. It will be in Moscow (Russia) on Feb, 20th to 23rd 2014 – a complete three days 100% Dancehall.

Workshops – Battles – Parties and Shows, I can also add: knowledge, sharing and confrontation, in the pure positive meaning of this word.

Dancehall International vol.3

Many of you maybe also know that before this Final Event, there will be other DHI events all around Europe, they call them “pre-selections” and they can give you the opportunity to reach Moscow for free in case you’ll rule the final contest of the category: 1 vs 1 – I mean ALL the workshops will be free for you; another great award for the future winners of 2 vs 2 category: 50% off for all workshops in Moscow.

However news of the news is that Turin (Italy) will be one of the cities in which you’ll can show & share your Dancehall skills. Thanks to Vittoria Paccotti also all Italian DH lovers will have the opportunity to partecipate to these DHI preselections. Where? When? How? .. just check the fb event and stay tuned!

DHI turin 2014

Yes I know it’s Christmas time and gifts are always welcome, Vittoria also knows this and just before the contests, shows, party and DH night in Turin, you can join Dancehall classes with Jiffson Jiff – the organizer of DHI – so you can warm your body up before the night!

As I told you all the info are on the FB event. Don’t hesitate to ask.
I’ll be there for sure, see you there?

DHI Turin 2014