It is really a pleasure to write this news and to confirm that tomorrow it will start the “European Summer Tour” for the artist Blacka di danca. Collaboration between Blacka and me was great and we can┬ápleasantly look at tomorrow with relax and good feelings.. Sun is shining!

I hope we can continue always giving our best in our professional and personal lives, that’s the key of a positive and good life.
I want to thank destiny that crossed our roads, but I need also to thank all the collaborators in each city, the Tour wasn’t possible without you..moreover it’s important to thank all the students that will join his classes. It will be mad! Only taking class and studying you can improve your skills.

Let’s give you the completed calendar so you can keep notes and choose your workshop.

Blacka EST - LondonBlacka EST - CopenahgenBlacka EST - Bergamo

Blacka EST - ParmaBlacka EST - Paris