It was really a good good pleasure to be in Louvain la Neuve (Belgium) on Sunday February 16th. My “more than a friend” Oriane aka Coco had the wonderful idea to invite me in her city for this concept: Dancehall Initiation.
Yes that’s the name and the message we wanted to give was that Dancehall is a social, cultural dance performed by men and women, with different attitude, but same feelings.

Dex and Coco
We gave this class together and together we showed a series of steps from old to new school. People had this double experience MALE and FEMALE style at the same time and, from what I’ve could heard, the feedback were totally positive.

Personally I really enjoyed the moment, my students loved the female style of my “sister” Coco and her students give me positive comments on my male attitude: definitely it’s something we have to do again and continue to spread this message.

Dancehall is not just bootyshake for girls and Spliff&Guns for guys. There’s an entire culture behind built by steps, songs, historical moments and actors. Dancehall is a place for sharing.


Oriane and me we really want to set up another workshop like that Sunday to give you the opportunity to study and have fun with us, moreover for people who missed.. that will be the time to jump on!

Thanks again for this moments, really memories in my mind!

Dancehall Initiation